The Lowther TP-1

The most beautiful sound in the world!

These fine speakers are the first to describe in the gear section. The reason is that these speakers are really unique and their high efficiency determines the choice of amplifiers to be used. Rather think of 100mW instead of 100W!

The TP-1 is a design with one single driver and two horns. The front horn offers lower mid to high frequencies and at the same time equalises the rising frequency response of Lowther drivers. I think a front loaded horn is the way to go for Lowther drivers. The back loaded bass horn is 4.5 m long and has a lower cutoff frequency of approx. 40 Hz. For me speakers have to play from the mids and the bass as a complement has to be dry and clean. That’s exactly what the TP-1 do.

I bought this beautiful pair in 2013 from the German Lowther distributor Audio Technik GmbH. They were built by their house carpenters. The drivers are a pair of PM-2A. Any amp and preamp connected to these speakers has to have really low noise!

The TP-1 is the third Lowther speaker in my life. I started with the Bicor 200 with PM6C drivers in the 1980s followed by the Acousta 115 with PM6A drivers in the early 2000s. In the time between I had affairs with other fine speakers like JBL 4430, Altec 604-8G, Tannoy 10″ Monitor Gold (LSU/HF/III.LZ) and others but I always returned to Lowther.

Regarding the placement of the TP-1 I decided not to place them exactly in the corners of my listening room but adjusting low frequency respone by positioning them with some distance to the side and back walls.

Any effort in matching the components of the audio chain will be highly rewarded. These speakers are my personal reference regarding transparency and detail retrieval. Think of high efficiency electrostats!

In the course of their lifetime since the 1950s The TP-1 carried several nicknames: Isis, London or Ambassador. The ad below shows some historical versions. I like the possibility of locking your TP-1.

For further information on these speakers please refer to the manufacturer’s website.

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