The DAC5 Project (2003)


  • Modular DAC
  • Plug-in modules for complete digital signal path
  • 6 positive (4 digital + 2 analog)  power supplies
  • 4 negative (2 digital + 2 analog) power supplies
  • All supplies can be configured individually to 3.3, 5.0 or 12.0 V
  • All current output DACs can be used:
    PCM 1704, PCM1730, PCM1738, PCM1792, AD1853, AD1955, etc.
  • Two low-jitter on-board crystal oscillators (Guido Tent’s XO) each one with dedicated low-noise power supply
  • Sample rate converters (CS8420, AD1892, AD1896, etc.) can be used
  • Filtering and I/V stage using discrete CFB opamp module in a non-NFB configuration
  • I/V stage biased to accept +/- 10 mA output current from DAC
  • Lundahl output transformers

Download schematics as PDF files:

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