The DAC3 Project (1995)

I wanted to be able to compare different DAC chips under the same conditions. Therefore the next DAC I was going to build had to have a modular approach. Special attention throughout the design was paid to jitter reduction. I included a secondary VCXO driven PLL after the one build into the CS8412 and also designed completely independent power supplies for the different areas of the circuit.


  • Crystal® CS8412 digital input receiver
  • Jitter attenuator using a VCXO driven PLL
  • Burr Brown® DF1700 digital filter
  • Plug-in digital/analog converter modules (4 different modules):
    Burr Brown® PCM63 (preferred by sound quality)
    Burr Brown® PCM1702
    Crystal® CS4303
    Crystal® CS4328
  • 2nd order filtering using a two stage complementary JFET design
  • Push-pull voltage regulators

View or download schematics and PCB designs as PDF files:

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