The DAC2 Project (1994)

With this design I wanted to try how far you can go with a CS4328 Sigma-Delta-converter and a single ended, triode driven and transformer coupled output stage. I also paid some new attention to power supply issues of the CS8412.
Tango® Transformers is out of business since a few years and therefore the used NP-206 transformers are no longer available. But replacements are  possible, check out Lundahl Transformers in Sweden or Sowter Transformers in the UK.
The CS4328 is also no longer available. There is no replacement I would recommend. The PCM1716 DAC-chip is a comparable design, but I would not recommend it as a replacement due to my experience with the DAC4 PCM1716-module. All other DAC-chips I’m aware of are differential and/or current output devices which are not useable here.


  • Crystal® CS8412 digital input receiver
  • Crystal® CS4328 digital filter and digital/analog converter
  • ECC82 single ended triode output stage
  • Tango® NP-206 transformer
  • EZ80 valve rectifier

Download schematics and PCB design as PDF file:

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