The DAC1 Project (1993)

This is my first own design after I have build an Elektor® DAC (PCM63) which I didn’t find very satisfactory. With this design I was mainly working on the analog side of things as the design of the filter and output stage and the power supply. I wasn’t very much aware of jitter and other digital design issues which turned out to have a major impact on the sound of a DAC.


  • Crystal® CS8412 digital input receiver
  • Burr Brown® DF1700 digital filter
  • Burr Brown® PCM63-PK digital/analog converters
  • I/V conversion and 1st order filtering using a discrete opamp design
  • Push-pull voltage regulators

The discrete opamp is influenced by Kaneda amplifier designs of that time.

Download schematics and PCB design as PDF file:

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