The Battery driven Pre- and Poweramp (1991/92)


  • Preamp designed for MC cartridges (Denon® DL103, EMT® TSD15, etc.)
  • Each amp driven by it’s own pair of 12V/6AH sealed lead type of accumulator
  • Shunt-voltage-regulator to produce 11.5V for preamp and voltage amplifier section of poweramp
  • Power amplifier produces 4~5Watt @ 8 Ohm (comparable to single ended 2A3 power amplifiers)
  • High efficiency speakers required
  • Charger circuit included

This design clearly reveals the advantages of battery driven amplifier circuits. Even they do not use sophisticated parts they do provide great sound due to the nature of the power supply. In general these amplifiers are showing how far you can go with a simple circuit design combined with high efficiency speakers.

Download schematics and PCB designs as PDF files:


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